Herbs for Cure Pain


The root of many conditions that cause pain, is the chronic inflammation, because it is the immune response to infection or injury, the chronic inflammation may be due to factors such as the poor diet, stress, the lack of exercise and exposure to environmental toxins.

If you suffer from a condition linked to the inflammation as arthritis, neck and back pain or tendinitis, adding herbs anti-inflammatory to their health regime can help you manage your pain.

Although it is not as fast as the action of pain medication, certain herbs can significantly reduce their pain when used regularly (especially when combined with daily exercise and the practice of relaxation techniques, which can provide the pain reduction).

It must take into account that herbs anti-inflammatory do not cure a chronic condition but alleviate the effects, moreover, addressing the cause of chronic inflammation is essential for achieving the optimal health, in addition to generate the pain, inflammation is an important risk factor for chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

As always advice from Living Healthy, the herbs should always be evaluated by a professional, who knows his health condition, before prescribing a substance herbal that can interact with any other treatment or medication.

Here we collect six of the herbs more used in natural medicine to fight inflammation and therefore against the pain:

1) Crust of Sauce White (similar to the aspirin)
2) Boswelli (from the ayurveda is used for arthritis)
3) Chronic inflammations, rheumatoid arthritis
4) Bromelain (Enzyme extracted from the pineapple, anti-inflammatory and reconstitution muscle-tendon)
5) Curcumin (Remedy Ayurveda for arthritis, used as a spice “Turmeric”)
6) Ginger (used by the Chinese medicine, against the cold and related diseases, such as inflammatory processes of colds, without the complications of aspirin, would provide the same results.

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