Some people might ask why should I trim my beard, the reason I am having a beard is that I won’t need to do anything about it, right?

The answer to this question Is fairly simple if you don’t want to look like a caveman you have to take care of your beard. Beard trimming can take from a little to a lot of effort depending on the style you want to achieve and the experience you have at beard trimming.

Grow a Beard

In order to have a beard that can be trimmed you have to grow one first. As we mention on a previous article there are some hacks that can help you grow your beard a lot faster but generally speaking this process can take you from few weeks to couple months.

This is the most difficult part of growing a beard as you will look a bit weird to your coworkers and also you will get probably a bit itchy and irritated as the hair grows.

First of all you need to be patient, you have a goal of having a beard and this step is something you cannot avoid. The only tip we can give you here is to remove the hair of the bottom of your neck that you will either way trim when you will have a full beard in order to look a bit more “normal”

Beard maintenance

After you have been really patient and have already a grown beard you have to maintain it and show some love to it.
First like the hair on your head you have to wash it and conditioner it daily with targeted beard products. It is also a good idea to exfoliate your face skin once a week with a cream or a mask and of course buy a beard comb to avoid curls in your beard. If you use serums like minoxidil beard then you must be having a thick grown beard.

Create a perimeter

Even if you have a full beard there are some areas that you will need to trim regularly. These areas are the checks and the neck, there is no magic solution on how to do it as it depends on your face structure and the look you want to accomplish but as a general rule you want the check line not to be either too tight nor too sprout and it is your job to find the balance. You can always follow the old rule of following the “smile lines”.

As far as trimming the neckline one general rule you can follow is to trim one inch below the jaw line.


For shaping your neckline you need to either use a professional hair trimmer and set the level of it at “0” or use a blade along with applying some shave oil.

Whatever product you choose to use the process is the same start from the center of your neck (below your chin) and just follow the natural curve of your neckline to your ear.

Then do the same to the other side of your neck to the other ear. Don’t forget to apply an after shave or balm to the shaved areas after you are done.


Just like you did with the neckline choose either a blade or a professional hair trimmer and start trimming on the upper side of your moustache and follow up the “smile line” to the end.

When you are done do the same to the other side of your face. Again do not forget to apply some after shave to the shaved areas.

Keep in mind that this is a process that you will need to follow couple times per week depending on the grade your beard is growing and how thick it is. Good trimming!!

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